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The World's #1 in Virtual Summer Camps!

Your #1 Source For Premier Online Tutoring

What Does Drift Beyond Free Summer Camps Offer for Your Child?


Expert Guidance to Navigate Your Academic Journey.


Fostering confidence and critical thinking.


Ensuring a transformative and unforgettable learning journey.

Our Free Summer Camps

Virtual Book Club

Our Virtual Book Club is a fantastic program that offers a diverse collection of ebooks and audiobooks suitable for children of all ages. It enhances the reading experience and fosters a sense of community and connection.

Creative Writing Club

Our Creative Writing Club offers students a comprehensive and engaging experience to explore and develop their writing skills while fostering a love for literature and creativity. This program helps students develop their writing skills and explore various forms of creative writing, including short stories, poetry, and narrative essays. 

Math Olympiad

Our Math Olympiad Summer Camp is designed to provide students with a stimulating and supportive environment to explore advanced mathematical concepts, tackle challenging problems, and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

Register For Our Free Summer Sessions (limited seats!)

Celebrate the academic success with Drift Beyond's collaborative online programs, designed specifically for students in grades 2-7. Our programs emphasize collaboration, interaction, engagement, and the development of social and public speaking skills.

Please select these free learning sessions that your child will participate in:
How would you describe your child's current level of proficiency in English Language Arts (ELA)? Please select one of the following options:
How would you describe your child's current level of proficiency in Math? Please select one of the following options:
Would you like to request a Free Demo on ELA or Math Demo (2 - 8 Grader) to learn more about our personalized 1-On-1 Private Learning Program?
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